Good teaching

Tools for teaching by Davis, B.G., Jossey-Bass

Here is the table of contents.

Getting Underway

Responding to a Diverse Student Body
Discussion Strategies
Lecture Strategies
Collaborative and Experiential Strategies
Enhancing Students’ Learning and Motivation
  • 21.   Helping Students Learn
  • 22.   Learning Styles and Preferences
  • 23.   Motivating Students
Writing Skills and Homework Assignments
Testing and Grading
Instructional Media and Technology
  • 35.   Chalkboards
  • 36.   Flipcharts
  • 37.   Transparencies and Overhead Projectors
  • 38.   Slides
  • 39.   Films and Videotapes
  • 40.   Computers and Multimedia
Evaluation to Improve Teaching
Teaching Outside the Classroom
  • 44.   Holding Office Hours
  • 45.   Academic Advising and Mentoring Undergraduates
  • 46.   Guiding, Training, and Supervising Graduate Student Instructors
Finishing Up
  • 47.   The Last Days of Class
  • 48.   Student Rating Forms
  • 49.   Writing Letters of Recommendation

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