Scientific Writing

Here is a good guide for scientific writing in the academic and professional environments. This is the Webinar link presented by Dr. Matthias Reumann.

Survival Skills for Scientific Writing in the Academic and Professional Environments

Here is a basic outline for your scientific writing.

  • Introduction
    • Problem statements
    • Rationale
  • Background
    • Previous work done by others
    • Previous work done by you
  • Materials and Methods
    • What you did
    • How you did
    • What you used
  • Results
    • Typical raw data
    • Data obtained
  • Discussion
    • What your results mean
    • Comparison with work of others
    • Significance of findings
  • Conclusion

Take home messages are

  • Know yourself and the enemy
  • Outline first and stay focused
  • Take a break (remember the 80:20 rule) & create inspiring environment
  • Read, revise and your peers

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