Monthly Archives: July 2012

Intensity Normalization

Images from the KESM do not have consistent intensity levels. This prevents us to have a clear 3D image by stacking images in a row. Background in an image should have a similar intensity level throughout images.

One is an original 3D image. The other one  is processed 3D  image.

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Computer Engineering Day Camp

Next week, the ECE department hosts Computer Engineering Day Camp for high school students. The program has two different sections: 1) Mobile robot, 2) Smart phone programming. But in the last day, two sections will be integrated into one to control Lego Mindstorm Robots with Smart devices through the Bluetooth technology.

I am responsible for the second section, smart phone programming. To be precise, smart device programming is better term since I am going to introduce some additional tablet devices powered by Android.

App Inventor for Android will be used for programming The block based graphical programming tool, similar to Scratch, was originally from Google Labs. Now it is maintained by MIT.

For more details such as lecture materials, you can visit here.

Moved my web site for courses to

This is a trial to utilize a free blog and an online file sharing site to manage my course web pages. After comparing WordPress with Blogger, I chose WordPress because it provides more features including a better editor. All files were uploaded to that allows us to have links to share.

I started moving my personal web page from Kettering ( to For now, the new web site only has the Teaching section. More sections will come soon.