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Moved my web site for courses to

This is a trial to utilize a free blog and an online file sharing site to manage my course web pages. After comparing WordPress with Blogger, I chose WordPress because it provides more features including a better editor. All files were uploaded to that allows us to have links to share.

I started moving my personal web page from Kettering ( to For now, the new web site only has the Teaching section. More sections will come soon.

Must-have podcast for brain scientists

The Brain Science Podcast, hosted by Ginger Campbell, MD, is a must-have podcast for brain scientists. Dr. Campbell interviews brain scientists including medical doctors, neuroscientists, computer scientists, students, and business persons as well.

You can listen to this. But the best thing is that you can also ‘read’ this podcast since the website provides episode transcripts.


The five characteristics of successful new faculty members

Good advice to new faculty!

This was written for new faulty in two-year colleges, but most advice here is still valuable to new professors in universities.

  1. Be humble.
  2. Be willing.
  3. Be organized.
  4. Be collegial. Be friendly, open to sharing ideas and materials, and willing to help out a colleague in need. Your collegiality must extend not just to other faculty members but also to everyone else on the campus, including librarians, admissions counselors, and custodians.
  5. Be low-maintenance.