Research Interests

  • Laboratory participated
    Brain Network Laboratory (at Texas A&M University), September 2005 – July 2009
  • Main interests
    • Computational Neuroanatomy and Neuroinformatics: Reconstruction, Visualization, Statistical Analysis, Acquisition and Analysis of Large Biological Data Sets
    • Computational Neuroscience
    • Neural Network, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Neuroevolution
    • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
    • Wireless Sensor Network
    • Embedded System Software and Real Time Operating Systems
  • Broad Interests
    • Embodied cognition
    • Mobile robots
    • Machine vision
    • Medical image processing
    • Automatic part dimensional inspection
    • Mobile apps – iOS/Android
    • Microcontrollers
    • User interface design
    • Programming languages
    • X3D, web technologies, CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla)
    • OpenLayers
    • Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery,
  • Projects/Grants
    • Computer Engineering Day Camp (The Donald Lee Smith Fund through the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, 2013-2015).
    • A development of LED system lighting engine module with compact sized data communication modules and driver IC/Processor control parts based on multi-sensor (supported by the MKE/Ministry of Knowledge Economy,  Korea supervised by the KEIT/Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology; Subcontract, 2012-2015)
    • MSM: Multiscale Imaging, Analysis, and Integration of Brain Networks (funded by NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke #1R01-NS54252. Research Assistant (September 2005 – May 2008))


Undergraduate students

  • Eric Barch: Independent Study, 2013
  • Kevin Smith: TI10 Switchable ES Audio Solution. 2013
  • William Lindeman: Interpreting Workout Gestures with Neural Networks, 2013
  • Alanna Gippin: CT Image Reconstruction, 2012
  • Taimen Taylor: Automation of EnTech’s Report Generation Process, 2012
  • Anthony Marchioni: Learning Marchine, 2012
  • Eric Chu: BlackBerry Application for Monitoring Battery Testing for the Global Battery Systems Lab, 2011

Academic Research Experience

  • Research Assistant(May 2008 – May 2009) at the International Student Services, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    • HTML, ASP, Javascript, Access, MS-SQL Database
  • Research Assistant(September 2005 – May 2008) at the Brain Network Lab, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    • Developed cognitive models and algorithms regarding Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, and Artificial intelligence
    • Developed the automatic data acquisition system, data server, data transmission, image capture, and stage controller system Knife Edge Scanning Microscope (KESM)
    • Developed automatic image registration system for large data sets, image processing for removing noise and normalizing uneven light intensity using ITK (Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit)
    • Developed a volumetric data browser for large data sets using VTK (Visualization Tool Kit)
  • Research Assistant(January 2005 – May 2005) at the Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    • Remote control and automation system using Web-based interface.

Industrial Research Experience

  • Senior Software Engineer(June 2002 – June 2004) at Qualcomm as Technical support engineer for BREW developers and OEM engineers
    • Integrated BREWChat (Push To Talk solution) for an OEM.
    • Consulted for BREW application developers.
    • Consulted for OEM engineers to port BREW both in person and through email.
    • Wrote BREW training materials for developers.
    • Gave lectures on BREW SDK, and wrote FAQ, troubleshooting and knowledge base.
    • Skills: C/C++, BREW, DMSS, REX, ARM C/C++, Trace32
  • Senior Software Engineer(Jan 2000 – June 2002) at SK Teletch Research and Development Center (now Pantech)
    • Developed a new embedded application platform.
      • Recipient of MPR/S Award (Excellent Employee, 2001).
      • Developed an embedded application platform for mobile devices (EQUS) (Event driven system, common controls, and application manager).
      • Designed for multi platforms, and developed an emulator for Windows OS.
    • Developed user interfaces for CDMA handsets
      • Developed the first color LCD handset (SKY IM-3100) in the Korean market with a graphical user interface.
      • User interface development for commercial CDMA IS-95A/B/C, CDMA 2000 cellular phones; SK Teletech models: (Camera, color LCD, multi-poly melody, CDMA 2000 1X, CDMA 2000, EVDO, GPS).
      • Skills: C/C++, BREW, DMSS, REX, ARM C/C++, Trace32, Visual C/C++, MFC, Win32
  • Assocate Research Engineer(Jan 1999 – Dec 1999) at LG Electronics(Digital TV Research Lab)
    • Developed the digital TV set-top box data browser
      • Embedded System Software for Digital TV Set-top Box on RTOS (pSOS).
      • Enhanced the layout engine to support HTML 4.0.
      • Content Parser and Layout Engine of ATVEF Data Broadcast.
      • HTML 4.0 parser for ATVEF data broadcast content format.
      • Skills: C/C++, pSOS, ARM C/C++, Device Mosaic 3.1, HTML, ECMA Script, CSS, DOM.
  • Assocate Research Engineer(Jan 1996 – Dec 1998) at LG Electronics(Media Communication Research Lab)
    • Developed telephony systems for LG personal computers
      • Developed the telephony module which supports the answering machine, voice mail, and fax for LG multimedia PC (SoftHome 3.0).
      • Developed PC Agent System (Windows shell for novice users) (SoftHome 98).
      • Skills: – C/C++, Mpact Media Processor, Windows 98, Visual C/C++, MFC, TAPI (Telephony API). Hayes AT command, Rockwell AT+V command, Mwave Telephony API.
  • Assistant Research Engineer(Jan 1994 – Dec 1995) at LG Electronics((Information Technology Research Lab)
    • Developed device diagnostic applications for mass manufacturing
    • Device diagnostic applications (LG 3DO CD-based game console).
    • Embedded splash/attractive screen (LG 3DO CD-based game console).
    • Skills: C/C++, pSOS, ARM C/C++, Power Mac, 3DO Graphic, 3DO Audio.


Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor: Microcomputers, App Development for Mobile Devices, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Kettering University, May 2010 – present
  • Visiting Assistant Professor: Microcomputers, Digital systems, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Kettering University, July 2009 – May 2010
  • Guest lecture: Internal State Predictability as an Evolutionary Precursor of Self-Awareness and Agency, CPSC 633-600 Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University, Spring 2009
  • Guest lecture: Internal State Predictability as an Evolutionary Precursor of Self-Awareness and Agency, CPSC 636-600 Neural Networks, Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University, Spring 2008
  • Lecturer: BREW SDK, troubleshooting, and knowledge base for BREW application development; wrote the materials, 2002 – 2004

Talks and Special Lectures

  • Jaerock Kwon, Invited talk: Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks, Jeju National University, Oct 15, 2012.
  • Jaerock Kwon, Invited talk: Wireless Sensor Network Development and Applications for LED system lighting, Workshop for LED Lighting Technologies and Education, Center for Advanced Electric Applications at Wonkang University, Oct 10, 2012.
  • Jaerock Kwon, Invited talk: Computational Neuroscience, Mobile and Space Communications Lab at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, Sep 3, 2011
  • Jaerock Kwon, Inivted talk: Kettering University: A Professional Co-op Experience with a Real Difference, 2011 5th International Workshop on Practical Engineering Education,  Aug 4, 2011.
  • Jaerock Kwon, a special lecture in the Advanced Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program held by Human Resources Development Institute of Korea University of Technology & Education, August 1-5, 2011.
  • Jaerock Kwon, and Yoonsuck Choe, Invited talk: Internal State Predictability as an Evolutionary Precursor of Self-Awareness and Agency, Cognoscenti Series, Texas A&M University, October 20, 2008.
  • Jaerock Kwon, Heejin Lim, and Yoonsuck Choe, Invited talk: Prediction, a Prerequisite to Goal-directed Behavior, and Its Possible Origin in Delay Compensation. IT Symposium, US-Korea Conference, Reston VA. August 10, 2007.
  • Yoonsuck Choe , Jaerock Kwon, and Heejin Lim, Invited talk: Prediction, a Prerequisite to Goal-directed Behavior, and Its Possible Origin in Delay Compensation. Metroplex Institute for Neural Dynamics, November 3, 2006.


  • Innovation Fellow 2012-2013
  • EE Faculty Search Committee 2013.
  • Computer Engineering Summer Day Camp for Kettering University’s Pre-college Program, 2012.
  • Computer Engineering Summer Day Camp for Kettering University’s Pre-college Program, 2011.
  • Engineering & Science Career Exploration Camp for Kettering University’s Pre-college Program, 2011.
  • Curriculum committee of Computer Eningeering, 2010-2011
  • Judge, FIRST Robotics District Competition (FRC) 2011 at Kettering.

Professional Activities

  • Reviewer, International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 2012.
  • Reviewer, Neurocomputing journal, 2012.
  • Reviewer, IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence 2013.
  • Program Committee of Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC) 2012.
  • Program Committee of Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC) 2011.
  • Reviewer, Data & Knowledge Engineering (DKE) journal.
  • Program Committee of International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM 2012).
  • Technical Committee of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2008.
  • Student Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  • Student Member, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.
  • Student Member, International Neural Network Society (INNS).
  • Student Member, Society for Neuroscience (SfN) .

Scientific Software

  • KESMSuite: Image processing package for KESM images and KESM Web Brain Atlas.
  • KESM Image/Volume Browser (2008): A visualization system for KESM data.
  • KESM Unit Volume Maker (2008): A volume (a stack of images) extractor from multi-scale and multiple-column image stacks.
  •  KESM Image Cropper (2008): An image cropper removing noise and uneven light with automatic image registration.
  • KESM Image Resizer (2008):  Resize images from image stacks
  • KESM Image Acquisition System (2007): A controller application for a precision positioning system and an image capture system. Imaging for the whole mouse brain has been done automatically with minimum human intervention


  • An application platform for embedded systems, (written in ARM C for the main system and Visual C/C++ for the emulator), 2001, 2002
  • A layout engine for the DTV data browser, (written in ARM C), 1999
  • An answering machine, a phone, and a fax application for LG-IBM PC, (written in Visual C/C++), 1997, 1998
  • A Telephony module using TAPI and Hayes modem command for LG-IBM PC, (written in Visual C/C++), 1996, 1997
  • An audio CD player having video clips, (written in Toolbook 3.0), 1995
  • An Hangul (Korean Alphabet) text editor, (written in Borland C/C++), 1994
  • A PIMS application, (written in Turbo C 2.0), 1993
  • An assembler for Hanyang Simplified Instructional Computer (HSIC), (written in Turbo C 2.0), 1991
  • A housekeeping account book, (spreadsheet style, but simplified, and easy to use), (Turbo C 2.0), 1990

Technology Proficiencies

  • Scientific programming in C/C++, Matlab.
  • Web programming in Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, Javascript
  • Visualization Tool Kit (VTK), Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK), Visual C/C++, MFC, Qt
  • Database: MS Access, MS-SQL
  • System: Win32 (Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003), pSOS, ARM, MacOSX

Honors and Awards

  • Oswald International Faculty Fellowship from Kettering University, 2010-2011
  • Travel Grant for IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2007
  • SK Employee Award, MPR/S division, An Excellent Employee, SK Teletech, December 2001
  • Graduate fellowship from LG Electronics Co., Ltd. (Two-year full-tuition), January 1992 – December 1993
  • Undergraduate fellowship from LG Electronics Co., Ltd. (Two-year full-tuition), January 1990 – December 1991
  • Academic Merit Scholarship, August 1988


  • Data information display method of data broadcasting receiver and apparatus thereof , US Patent No: 7100117, August 29, 2006
  • Apparatus and method for display of data information in data broadcasting receiver, H04N7/08, 1003570980000, October 4, 2002
  • Apparatus for defining TV/DATA broadcasting objects by user, H04N 5/445 (January 2006), 1006936480000 (March 5, 2007)
  • Display method of pop-up tree type electronic program guide, H04N 5/50 (January 2006) 1006414370000 (October 25, 2006)
  • Two way digital television system, H04N 7/173 (January 2006), 1006975130000 (March 13, 2007)
  • Method for automatic selecting data broadcasting in digital TV, H04N 7/08, 1019990007171 (March 04, 1999), 1020000059524 (October 05, 2000), Disclosure
  • Method for detecting channel in digital TV, H04N 7/12 (January 2006) 1006409170000 (October 25, 2006)
  • Apparatus and method for display of font data broadcasting, H04N 7/08, 1019990051114 (November 17, 1999),1020010047071 (June 15, 2001), Disclosure
  • Method for service offering using formalized user information, H04L 12/58 (January 2006), 1006520300000 (November 23, 2006)
  • Method for detecting fax signal on voice/fax machine, H04N 1/00, 1019970009963 (March 22, 1997), 101998074239 (November 5, 1998), Disclosure

Extra Activities

  • Member of a softball team, Taiwanese student association softball team (Actually, the team is an international team despite its name)
  • Member of a baseball team, LG Woomyeon Elite (an associated baseball team of LG Research Laboratories) baseball team as pitcher, 2nd baseman or right fielder, 1994 – 1999 and 2002 – 2004
  • Member of a student association for studying Korean language. Research on the relationship between language and the societal lives of the language users. March 1988 – January 1992
  • A co-founder of a computer club, Hantlary in Electronic Communication Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Hanyang University, 1989
    – Gave lectures of C/C++ language to the club members.
    – Conducted various projects with the members and held exhibitions