ECE-101 (Winter 2013)

Matlab and C Programming


  • 1/31/2013: Homework #3 is due on Thursday of the 5th week.
  • 1/22/2013: Extended deadline (by 11:59:59PM on this Friday) for Homework #2. Send me your work by Friday 11:59:59 PM electronically. I will collect hard copies of the homework on next Monday.
  • 1/18/2013: Homework #2 is due on Thursday of the 3rd week.
  • 1/10/2013: Homework #1 uploaded. Due the next Thursday at the beginning of class.
  • 1/07/2013: Class starts!



Matlab: An Introduction with Applications by Amos Gilat, ISBN 978-0470767856
C: Web resources.


Dr. Jaerock Kwon
Email: jkwon (at)
Office: 2-703 K
Phone: (810) 762-9500 ext. 5917
Twitter: @jaerock_ece
facebook: jaerock.ece


Class : M/Tr 1:20pm – 3:25pm at AB2-824
Class : M/Tr 3:35pm – 5:40pm at AB2-824

Office Hours: By appointment


All grades will be posted in Blackboard under the lecture class (including lab grades).

  • In-Class Assignments: 15%
  • Labs/Assignments: 40%
  • Midterm Exam: 20%
  • Final Exam: 25%


This course will include many in-class activities. To ensure that all students are participating and to avoid issues later in the course, attendance is mandatory. Each student is allowed one unexcused absence. After two unexcused absences, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the course. Students must follow all procedures in the handbook for an absence to be excused.


There will be a midterm exam tentatively scheduled for the end of Week 6, and a final exam.

Labs Assignments

Lab assignments will be worked on in groups of not more than two, and students must be in the same course section. Late assignments are not accepted. Only one set of deliverables needs to be submitted per group. The deliverables for each assignment and the method of submittal will be specified on a per assignment basis. The following guidelines must be followed when submitting the appropriate materials.

 Electronic submittals

  • If submitting multiple files, they must be zipped into a single zip file with the filename, where lastname1 and lastname2 are the group members and # is the assignment number.
  • You must use the subject “ECE-101 Exercise #”, where # is the number of the assignment.
  • You must send email from your Kettering assigned email account.
  • Each file must have the group members’ names, day and time of class, and assignment number in the comments.

 Paper Submittals

  • The assignment must have the group members’ names, day and time of class, and assignment number.
  • All pages must be stapled together in the upper left corner.
  • Handwritten answers, when permitted, must be legible and the answer clearly marked.


The following describes what is expected of a student who wishes to do well in the course.

  • Attend class.
  • Spend a minimum of 2 to 2.5 hours per hour of lecture on course activities outside the classroom. These activities include reading the textbook, reviewing lecture notes, completing homework assignments, reviewing the course objectives, seeking help with the instructor, etc.
  • Begin working on an assignment shortly after it is released. This will enable you to better understand the following lectures and class discussions. Also, with limited lab stations and multiple class sections, computer availability the night before a due date may be problematic. This issue will never be a justified excuse for a late assignment.
  • Monitor your progress in the course through Blackboard.
  • Ask the instructor if you have questions about anything (lecture material, homework questions, your performance in the course, etc.).  It is your responsibility to seek help from the instructor when you do not yet feel you fully understand a topic.

The following is a list of responsibilities that you may expect from the instructor.

  • Provide lectures that reach as broad a range of learning styles as is feasible within the constraints of the amount of material that must be covered and the time available for lectures.
  • Be available outside of class for explanations and answers tailored to individual students.
  • Grade materials promptly to keep each student’s progress on Blackboard up to date.
  • Make the student aware of the learning objectives and provide assignments that both teach basic use and application of the objectives.

Common Statement on Students with Documented Disabilities

The University will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students need to register with the Wellness Center every term they are enrolled in classes. To be assured of having services when they are needed, students should contact the Wellness Center during the first week of each term. Note that it is the student’s responsibility to arrange accommodations with each professor.

Common Statement on Ethics in the University and Academic Integrity

Kettering University values academic honesty and integrity. Cheating, collusion, misconduct, fabrication, and plagiarism are serious offenses. Each student has a responsibility to understand, accept, and comply with the University’s standards of academic conduct as set forth in our statement, “Ethics in the University,” and “Academic Integrity” as well as policies established by individual professors.


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